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The Tilt-A-Roll

The Inpex Show

The Tilt-A-Roll was displayed at the Inpex Show (the world's largest invention show), where it received vast media coverage and won a bronze medal for its appeal and simplicity.

Just Get One or Two ...Besides who else do you know that has one?

Tilt-A-Roll is protected by
U.S. Patent # 5,588,615 & U.S. Patent # 5,690,302


Should toilet tissue be hung so it comes "over" the top of the roll or "under" and down the wall?

For many households this question can lead to a heated debate. Argue no more! The Tilt-A-Roll lets each user decide "over" or "under." An independent market survey of 1,000 households revealed that 75% of those surveyed said it DOES matter which direction the toilet paper or paper towels are dispensed. The Tilt-A-Roll dispenser readily turns the roll from over to under or vice versa with one easy turn.

Hang Under
Hang Sidways Hang Over

Tilt-A-Roll comes in white or bronze and is available for $24.95 plus $4.00 S/H.

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